Wild Colonials:
To date the Wild Colonials have released three albums, Fruit of Life and This Can't Be Life on DGC/Geffen Records and a collection of their music as featured in films Reel Life vol. #1 released on the soundtrack label Chromatic Records. The band's new album will be released as four EP's over the course of the year under the umbrella name Life As We Know It on UMe/Universal.

The band has toured nationally as headliners as well as the opening act for Los Lobos, Chris Isaak, Midnight Oil, Cyndi Lauper and The Kinks. The band headlined the second stage as part of the ground breaking first Lilith Fair '97 tour.

The Wild Colonials music has been featured in over 30 different films, including Mr. Wrong, Unhook The Stars, The Last Supper and Conviction.

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Part I: Wild Youth

I was born in Calgary, Alberta. My parents and my sister drove cross Canada to Toronto when I was still a baby. When I fell asleep on my Mom's lap she would lay me down by her feet on the passenger side, where I would sleep with the constant hum and motion of the engine right by my head. Guess that’s why I love the road so much.

My Dad managed rock bands and every summer we would go on the road with them.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and in my early teen years was a skateboard champ (this will become important in a second). My first girlfriend one night called me a Shark. (The details of which I will not go into, let’s just say it was a compliment.) She came to the skate park the next day and said “Where’s my little Shark?” some of my friends overheard this and thought it was the coolest thing. “Hey, Shark, Shark. All right Shark!”

Soon after that I was listed in the upcoming skate championship as “Shark”, where I won a few competitions including first in the One Wheelie competition, I don’t remember the exact number of one-wheelers but, it was so many more than the second place guy that during my last run, the judges just asked me to stop. Every new skater I would meet knew my name as Shark - “You’re Shark, right?” My rep was sealed.

My infamous skateboard career was cut short at the opening of a brand new skatepark. I was doing my very first run, riding out of a 3/4 pipe and doing a “rock walk” over the lip of the 1/2 pipe. Right then my board got caught, but I was able to balance on the lip. I shook my board loose and came sliding down the pipe with one foot on the board when my other foot came smack crack down hard to the ground. I didn’t feel anything and got up to walk away when my ankle just gave out. It was broken in four places and to this day, I still have pins and screws in it. (But I can still dance!). I had to be strapped to a wooden stretcher and carried up and out by ropes.

After that it was a non-walking cast for six weeks. When I left the hospital they said I would not be able to skate again without risking a permanent limp and/or worse.

My whole life was skating, what would I do now. Over the years, I have gotten a lot of credit by my skate buddies, who think I would still be skating. “Man, other people gave it up, some just got lame. You had to be stopped man. You were cut down in your prime man!” I really can’t say I’d still be skating, I mean I was good but I wasn’t Tony Hawk or anything.

Can’t skate, can’t walk, I would come home from school every day exhausted. One day my Dad brought home the album Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy (Best of The Who). My only relief was listening to music. Every day I would come home and listen to album after album with headphones on. Like any young kid I was doing catch up with Rock ‘n Roll. I bought other Who albums (I still prefer the Tommy soundtrack, ‘cause that’s the first version of it I ever heard. My Dad had been taking me to gigs ever since I could walk and took me to see Johnny Cash when I was just a kid. The Stray Cats made me curious about my Dad’s Gene Vincent and Fats Domino records. I noticed immediately that the cover of The Clash’s London Calling was a take off on Elvis’ first album. And we always had Beatles albums.

When I got pretty good on the crutches I would go downtown to Yonge St. and buy one album a week-even in the snow. Weird multi-colored New Wave records, DEVO, Elvis Costello, The Jam (‘cause I read they were like The Who). Plus, Patsy Cline and Johnny’s Outlaw friends, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. One day at the back of this chain store, all of Lou Reed’s Arista albums (Street Hassle, Sally Can’t Dance) were in the discount bin. After that, I did some reverse rock engineering that led back to The Velvet Underground and Bowie.

I also got to know some people at my high school. You see, I was always skating so I really didn’t know anyone at my school. The first few years, I was the guy having lunch off by himself.

I made some new rocker friends and we would talk endlessly about what was happening in music. I was beginning to form my theories about Rock ‘n’ the ever-changing times. Things like why in Heavy Metal, Zeppelin ruled and Winger sucked (an easy one I know). Arguing why the Ramones will be bigger twenty years from now (not so easy back then). My favorite line to shut up some pretentious over zealous every-things-a sellout so called music fan would be, “You mean you haven’t heard of the Throbbing Gristles?!?” (said with a condescending dismissive air).

I felt and still feel that the most exciting music comes from when polarities meet. I think the real birth of Rock ‘n Roll was when Elvis did some Jumped up Gospel Blues with a Country twang and some Traditional Irish Hillbilly tune with an R&B feel. Hell, The Police had done well with their Reggae in the verses, Rock in the chorus thing.

My friends and I, formed a band called The Ramblers, and I wanted to fuse Reggae with Rockabilly. The brand new genre would be called Reggabilly! Well, despite many attempts, we didn’t pull it off. The closest we got was a radical rearrangement of I Fought The Law. Sadly there is no recording of it to prove that it could actually be done or that I was, in fact, delusional.

One day the guitarist said, “Let’s go to England, that’s where it’s happening.” We had heard stories about Jimi Hendrix and The Stray Cats going to London and making it. That’s it! Let’s go to London, make it and be back by Christmas!

So all four of us saved up our monies and the day after Halloween took a flight to London, England. Look out UK!

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Part II: London's Burning
Part III: New York, New York
Part III: Go West Young Man

Shark and Co.:

Best known as the guitarist with the critically acclaimed U.S. cult favorites Wild Colonials. Singer-songwriter Shark is currently recording and mixing his first solo album Greetings from LOST ANGELES, CA. Special guests on the album include Dead Rock West singer Cindy Wasserman, singer Julianna Raye and gospel legends and Elvis Presley's backing vocalists The Jordanaires on the track Save Your Dreams. There are a few songs available to listen to/preview now on Shark and Co.'s In The Studio page...

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Film Composer:
SHARK's film credits include the original scores for the full-length features...
I Shot A Man In Vegas (Janeane Garofalo), Me & Will (Patrick Dempsey, Seymore Cassels), the Sundance Film Festival hit Dead Man's Curve [AKA The Curve] (Matthew Lillard/Kerri Russell), The Spreading Ground (Dennis Hopper/Frederick Forest), Frozen Stars (Lana Parrilla) and the recently released How To Go Out On A Date In Queens (Jason Alexander/ Kimberly Williams-Paisley) .

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DJ SHARK has DJ'ed many Film Premieres as well as prestigious events including ESPN's Superbowl party in Houston 2004, The Sopranos private Emmy party and the premiere party for Oprah Winfrey's Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Shark's remix of
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby for Verve Records appeared in the Michael Douglas film It Runs In The Family.

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